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Our Creed

Prepper English was conceived by lifelong proud Philadelphian Ptah Williamson, who recently relocated to a nearby county for logistical reasons to inform, enlighten and share information with fellow Pennsylvanians locally and Americans and the world overall. His small and modest two person staff is committed to providing thoughtful apparel and resources to the community worldwide. Our affiliates and partners who are seasoned veterans of prepping and survival will be glad to get onboard with assistance. The name is an obvious play on the term “Proper English”and Ptah thought this would be catchy in piquing the interest of new as well as experienced preppers, urban and suburban or anyone who thinks they should be more prepared in these uncertain times. Ptah has been in the freedom/patriot movement for some 28 years and was a pre-Y2K debunker and rational planner and acolyte of the late, great patriot and researcher, William Cooper, author of the conspiracy classic, Behold A Pale Horse. So he is no Johnny Come Lately to the lifestyle and takes this movement very seriously. We hope you do the same.

Welcome to Prepper English.

Our Word!

We guarantee the quality of our products is of good stock with a fair return policy if satisfaction is not fulfilled.

Straight Shooter

We would like for our customers to grow with us and shoot straight to the top of the mountain of sureshot planning and execution. Super grown-ups. 😊

No Biased Testimonals

We do not believe in posting glowing testimonials without posting negative reviews as a balance. That is how companies become successful because they listen to their customers minus the tone deafness.