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The 10 Prep Commandments!

1. Thou shall not get by on one day’s supply. Always have at least a month’s worth of food and water on deck. We love the Berkey water filtration system. And you cannot go wrong with low sodium canned and freeze dried foods.

2. Thou Shall diversify Fuel and power choices. We highly recommend you learn alternative fueling methods. Hemp fuel is easy to make and it can work in unmodified Diesel engines. Also a solar powered generator battery pack is critical. Know your power consumption needs.

3. Thou Shall have First Aid Kit. Medical supplies are crucial as first responders will  not respond when things go left. Even having a tourniquet in your kit can be a lifesaver.

4. Thou Shall Not be Infringed; firearms. A good sidearm with extra mags and a reliable long gun with a 1-2 point sling will definitely keep the Zombies at bay who will salivate over your food supplies and even you. Be sure to  have plenty of Zombie rounds. You will need them.

5. Thou Shall have: believe it or not, night vision bi-/monoculars will be crucial at night for navigating outside as well as for civilian tactical recon. When lights are out throughout your county or country you will need it to know who or what is near you.

6. Thou Shall have Comms. Get to know alternative forms of communications. HAM radios are a great way to know who is in your community ready to assist when cell phone towers are down. Lots of resources on Youtube to assist you. At the least, a satellite phone will also do.

7. Thou Shall have Money, Barter, mediums of exchange. In a dystopian nightmare, you will need to have something to trade or barter for sustenance. A skillset that is relevant to the times will be in order too. Gold, Silver, food, services, general know how will keep you in the game.

8. Thou shall have Vehicle. We are biased and love class 2 or 3 campers or trailers of all types but even if you have an F350 or pickup truck or even a car with a trunk you can be ok but be sure to have storable backup fuel.

9. Thou Shou Bug-In on Homestead. Many folk think they can head for the hills when SHTF but most will not last 3 days in the wild. It is best to stay put and hold your fort down in your area. Always plan ahead and strike up a conversation with your neighbors about securing the area if things get crazy. Strength in numbers. Push comes to shove we recommend to always have a camper on standby to get ghost.

10.Thou Shall have a Bugout Bag. We highly advise you to have standard camping “hitchhiker” bag where you can house a lot of your critical supplies including but not limited to knives, flashlights, folding shovels, first aid, dried herbs, snacks usb extensions etc..

This is just what I conjured up off top but if you guys have something else I may have missed, please feel free to add on. Your input is always welcomed. Thanks, this was fun.

Editor’s note; I would advise everyone who is serious about prepping to  have adequate skills or at least a curious interest in map reading, knowing longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, azimuth points, true north and basic math, cartography and geography. That is arguably the most appreciable skillset any survivalist should possess.



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