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When to bugout, stay put, overall common sense logistics

I’m writing this post to express how I feel in an emergency scenario when say, vaccinations are ubiquitous throughout the cities and counties...Or when things go “Left,” as we say in the city. I am in the county now but reach back into the city to string my fellow urban dwellers along. I know, like many folks who prep tend to be situated outside the urban environs, and the indifference to the logistical quagmire is felt and widespread. Many outside mean well, but the olive branch or lifeline is not extended as one should to their brethren.
But I am here to build a bridge betwixt the urban-suburban/rural regions as America is in dire straits. I will discuss why we prep today. This is not to fearmonger or create fear porn but to include why some of the older Preppers who lived through the ’60s and told me what their key reasons for going off-grid and the idea of required vaccinations 💉 sounded like Nazi Germany to them. Nuclear Fallout and natural disasters were the top two in their day, of course, with the Russian threat and volatile weather. Still, clearly, government overreach and vaccines were like an Orwellian novel for that well-read generation.
I will now offer some possible solutions to this vax rollout. Remember that the constitution does not give us rights but secures rights that we get from a higher power. Natural Rights or Rights from God is key here. The right of refusal of anything that infringes on personal liberty is sacred and inviolable. In an SHTF scenario, the first rule is not to panic and to secure your personal space. Meaning your house or abode, the family, the local area, neighborhood, or road or block you live on.
This is why it is important now or before to build relationships with your neighbors close by. If you live in a less populated area where the next-door neighbor is 5 miles out, you should know through ham receivers and previous talks and coordinating that they are aware of you and your purpose. The lone wolf prepper has limitations for no man is an island, and there are strengths in even small numbers. I think just 6 or 8 persons can make a difference in holding the fort and area down. You do not need 30 minutemen. Of course, that would be nice but let’s be realistic here. You’re less likely to have agent provocateurs or slackers in your unit, and like a small classroom, it just moves along better and is more efficient.
But even if that is not your thing, holding the house down solely is the next best thing to do. The idea of bugging out to an unknown location in the woods is absurd and a Hollywood fantasy. The only time one is to bug out is as a last resort where it is virtually an uninhabitable, unavoidable situation where you had to vacate the area or face extermination. This is why I would have a Winnebago or a class 2 Sprinter, an all-terrain vehicle as a second mortgage, and an area you already are familiar with to bugout.

You can live in said camper or trailer with family and have a hauler or whatever you want to hitch on and have peace of mind. Off-road knowledge would be in order. So think of the worst, like vaccine checkpoints akin to DUI and know how to circumnavigate such bear traps. I’m a chess player since a child and from a military family but was a civilian survivalist in an urban theater of operations; then studied bushcraft, went camping, hiking, and climbing. 🧗‍♀️I was a book dealer on the downtown streets before all of this (The Art of War), so I’m on GO! I study common law, military history, and wilderness medicine, and of course, all things prep and firearms.
So this ain’t my first rodeo. My real last name is Williamson, lol. I’m very American born and bred with native ties. I love liberty and problem-solving. Please feel free to add on, correct, update, advise, and thanks for reading my winded stream-of-consciousness.. Ears Up ⬆️ 👂🏼

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